Extended Call times

We have extended our live agent call times. Monday-Friday 8am- Midnight.
Saturday-Sunday 9am-9pm
Eastern Pacific
Request local or international pricing. Give all information to book a move.
We hope this helps with your moving experience.


Press Releases-Facetime Quotes

http://www.abnewswire.com/pressreleases/top-tier-moving-offers-free-quotes-to-clients-for-moving-services_169068.html   TOP TIER MOVING offers free quotes to clients for moving services Posted on December 12, 2017 Leading moving services provider, TOP TIER MOVING, announces the introduction of its new free quote offer to clients, providing accurate quotes for moving services Top Tier Moving is undoubtedly one of the leading moving services providers in…

Canada to USA

Moving from Canada to the United States is a straightforward process, providing all of the necessary documentation is properly completed. Your household goods and personal effects are permitted to enter the U.S.duty-free providing they have been in your possession and used by you for at least one year. Cautionary note��”if you do not declare new…